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Our Company is specialized in Pre-fabrication or Racks, Custom Walls, Special Systems, Custom Builds and more. We also offer consulting services.

As the complexity of your company grows, your staff may be too busy putting out fires to actually perform crucial system-wide upgrades and innovation.

That’s why we are here.

> Consulting

BIR has developed a team to independently provide the following functions as a support method to the site Project Managers as well as increase Sr. management visibility on Sites / Projects. The commissioning team will oversee the following activities with each project manager from inception to completion using the following steps.

Pre-Construction & Deliverables.

Activities During Construction & Deliverables.

Closeout Prep & Deliverables.

> Pre-Fabrication

The pre-fab products/components are standardized and produced in plants in a location away from the construction site, then transported to the site for assembly. This way we can offer the customers a high-quality product in a very short time frame.

Complete Room Builds

Pre-Populated Rack and Cabinet Builds
Built to fit the needs of a particular customer

Custom Wall Builds
Specific to Environment

Special Systems
Speaker Cluster Life Safety

Custom Cabling Needs

Inventory storage and Distribution

> Special Projects

Distributed Antenna System Installation (DAS)

Strengthen your business by eliminating weak mobile phone and wireless signals. BIR helps you dramatically improve cell phone reception by installing a state-of-the-art distributed antenna system (DAS) inside your building.
As a business professional, you do not want dropped calls or bad cell phone reception. Reliable cell phone coverage is absolutely essential in emergency situations.

About Us

Our Company is specialized in Pre-fabrication or Racks, Custom Walls, Special Systems, DAS Systems, Custom Builds and more. We own 20k pre-fab floor space, Material Management and Logistic Management.

Running a productive, successful business is not an easy task, and when you add the burden of trying to stay on top of the latest technology, you may find yourself sacrificing quality for familiarity. With BIR, you won’t have to worry about forfeiting how you manage your business for the integration of new technology.