BIR has developed a team to independently provide the following functions as a support method to the site Project Managers as well as increase Sr. management visibility on Sites / Projects. The commissioning team will oversee the following activities with each project manager from inception to completion using the following steps.

Pre-Construction & Deliverables.

  1. Site mobilization, Review, Prepare & Return Contract, OCIP, Safety checklist etc.
  2. Schedule Development & Implementation into GC Schedule.
  3. Prepare Submittals, BOM, Test-Plans, Labels, Cable Schedules, SOV’s, Equipment needs etc.
  4. Construction Estimate Development & Proper Categorization.
  5. Sub-Contractor Buyout & Scope Negotiation
  6. Pre-Fab items list & schedule with logistics plan.
  7. Manpower & Training Plan.
  8. Materials OFCI & CFCI Delivery & Staging Plan.
  9. BIM Development & Coordination.
  10. Q/A Progress Tracking Plan.
  11. Risk Assessment and mitigation planning.
  12. Prepare Daily Pre-Task Production Planning for Site Teams.

Activities During Construction & Deliverables.

  1. Conduct Weekly Team Meeting & Project Progress Review of all areas such as:
  2. Safety
  3. Schedule
  4. Manpower
  5. Materials
  6. Equipment
  7. Daily progress report reviews
  8. Q/A progress reports reviews
  9. Prepare Customer Progress Update Documents
  10. RFI Review
  11. C.O Review
  12. Monthly to 6-week Jobsite Visits with written report issued.
  13. Billing SOV & Forecasting Review
  14. Meet with Clients on-site during visits for feedback on all areas Of Team progress.

Closeout Prep & Deliverables.

  1. Pre-pare close out Checklist deliverables such as Test Results, Red-Lines, Warranty Walks, Sub-Contractor Work Approvals & Billing Review, OCIP Reconciliation, Customer Training, Etc.
  2. Materials RMA, Equipment Pick-up & return, Lease Agreement Closure etc.